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Molecular Designs develops, produces, and supplies multiplex assays for molecular testing. We are a team of doctors and scientists who have developed molecular testing products designed to identify pathogens quickly and accurately. Our premium assays are highly sensitive and specific and can detect as little as 1-5 copies of DNA or RNA, depending on your needs. Our mission remains simple – to help end antibiotic resistance and assist our clients in improving patient outcomes. We believe the work that we are doing can make a significant impact on patient care.

We work directly with laboratories and distributors throughout the U.S. to provide a wide array of molecular testing products. Our assays are designed to run on most PCR platforms. The strategic design of our panels correlates clinically with infections of similar symptoms. Our R&D scientists are constantly working to develop and validate additional assays to meet the increasing demand.

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Since Molecular Designs is dedicated to being part of the fight against antibiotic resistance, we focus our efforts on developing the highest quality PCR assays.


We pride ourselves in offering our exceptional products at a fair value. We also take pride in the diligent R&D efforts of our scientists to develop new assays to meet your needs. Our team is always on a mission for continuous improvement of our products and operational efficiencies so that we pass on those efficiencies to you.


When you contact us, you speak to one of our dedicated Molecular Designs account managers. We are committed to being responsive and answering your questions quickly with two easy ways to contact us: 205.558.0092 or


We like to think of our team as passionate problem-solvers, developing solutions and creating meaningful opportunities to change the world…one accurate diagnosis at a time. This team of dedicated professionals is always striving to surpass yesterday’s advancements to help you and your lab reach your goals.

Chad Austin, MD


Dr. Chad Austin is Co-Founder of Molecular Designs. He works with physicians, hospitals, and other private entities to facilitate the delivery of our products and solutions in their workplace. As a physician, he knows that getting accurate diagnostic information in a timely manner is paramount. Dr. Austin’s goal is to bring cutting edge technology to the clinical setting to make a positive impact and improve patient outcome. Outside of work, he enjoys travel, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife and two boys.

Ty Thomas, MD


Dr. Ty Thomas is Co-Founder of Molecular Designs. Dr. Thomas works closely with the science team to develop genetic assays and make them available to the public. As a physician, Dr. Thomas understands the importance of accurate and precise laboratory data to make timely and accurate diagnoses to provide the best patient care. Outside of his work, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, skiing and fishing.

Shawn Hood, MBA


Shawn Hood is the CEO of Molecular Designs. Shawn has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector. His experience spans the long-term care, pharmaceutical, physician practice management, and clinical laboratory industries. Shawn has a passion for leading others and bringing valuable solutions to healthcare providers and patients. He, his wife and two children live in Vestavia, Alabama and are active members in their church and community. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys working out, traveling, playing golf and spending time with friends and family.

Greer Massey, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Greer joined Molecular Designs in 2018 and serves as the Senior Clinical Research Scientist and Director of Molecular. In her role, Greer helps implement the use of qPCR assays, streamlines processes, and assists in troubleshooting. She enjoys the problem-solving aspect of her role, as well as trying to make difficult tasks seem simple. Greer’s interest in science began in high school with the help of an amazing science teacher who ignited her excitement about the field. While in college, she discovered her fascination with bacteria and how they work and can wreak havoc even though they are incredibly small. That fascination led her to study their virulence in her Ph.D. and postdoctoral programs. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, being active, and reading.

Richard Cullum, Ph.D.


Richard joined Molecular Designs in 2019 as a scientist in our Research and Development department. He develops real-time PCR assays for bacterial and viral pathogen detection. Richard appreciates the opportunity to see his work translate into products that are improving point-of-care diagnosis and treatment. His motivation to become a scientist was born from a natural curiosity of how disease states originate and progress. He also wanted a career that would allow him to advance public health in some capacity. Outside of work, Richard is an avid cyclist and explorer of Birmingham’s food scene.

Melissa Pflueger, Ph.D.


Melissa joined Molecular Designs in 2020 as a scientist in our Research and Development department. In this role, she develops PCR assays that our Production team validates to use in clinical labs. Melissa also works directly with the clinical labs to develop and test other assays. She enjoys the variability and problem-solving aspects of her job and likes working on new and innovative projects which she hopes could eventually become commonplace in patient healthcare. Melissa’s love of science began at an early age and she knew she would one day work in the field. In her free time, Melissa enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and fundraising for her Non-Profit, The Southern Sassenachs.

Gregory Skibinski, Ph.D.


Greg joined Molecular Designs in 2020 as a scientist in our Research and Development department. In this role, he develops and validates new molecular assays and technologies for use in pathogen detection. Greg enjoys working with a dynamic team to solve problems that could have a rapid impact on improving patient health. Greg’s interest in this field originally began from caring mentors, natural curiosity, and the opportunity to work in a variety of labs including microbiology, immunology, and cell biology. Outside of work, Greg enjoys camping, gaming, cooking, and reading.

Blair Schneider, Ph.D.


Blair joined Molecular Designs in 2020 as a scientist in our Research and Development department, working on the development and implementation of our clinical laboratory assays. This role is particularly enjoyable for her since her roots are in microbiology-focused research. From an early age, Blair had an innate curiosity about shark behavior and believed she would be an ichthyologist. She changed direction during her high school years after reading the book, Hot Zone, where she decided pathogens were much “cooler” than sharks. Outside of work, Blair enjoys hunting, crocheting, and learning to knit. She also uses her technological acumen as an amateur (aka Ham) radio operator – general class.