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Accurate & Timely Pathogen Detection


Utilizing time-tested PCR to identify pathogens rapidly is not only improving patient care but advancing antibiotic stewardship. PCR used for pathogen detection is just the start. As genetic sequencing data and insight become clearer, PCR is poised as the tool of choice to reliably and rapidly detect the markers of disease. We take pride in providing research tools to the medical community.

Molecular Designs Products


Molecular Designs is a team of doctors and scientists working to advance molecular diagnostics.
Our founding physicians entered the molecular diagnostics market focused on the most common pathogens that impact the population
– making products that are cost-effective, reduce waste, and are easy-to-use.
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From inflation and cost concerns, to supply issues, we understand your challenges.
Our consulting team at Streamline Scientific is ready to build a customized solution to help you
lower costs on research assays and improve workflow.